Aurelia Jellyfish

About the author

Eolan Paradis is a Canadian author that studied a number of subjects over the years including environmental sciences, sustainable forestry practices, and wildlife conservation. Themes related to those studies have been cleverly woven into the author's work. That being said, what inspired Eolan to write their new sci-fi series the Age of Ragnarok the most, was their love of sci-fi, as well as their ever-lasting fascination of our planet's oceans and what can be found in their greater depths. 

Provocative, intelligent, and creative, altogether, Eolan's new, gripping sci-fi mystery can be expected to take you on a journey not only into the depths of our oceans, but also into the depths of the human psyche. At times, it may tread the borderline of dark fantasy, but all the while, it remains within the realm of scientific plausibility.

Even if the series is set in the distant future, from the new technologies the author presents us to the oceanic New Iceland civilization, the sci-fi world created by Eolan remains anchored in our times, ever reflecting the reality that our planet's climate is slowly changing into something quite different than what our generations have known in the past. 

Beyond all else, at the core of Eolan's series is a tale of human survival, of kinship, and of peaceful perseverance. 

Aurelia Jellyfish