A series of cataclysmic, natural disasters had incited the dawn of an ice age that had eventually been named Fimbulwinter. Its arrival had been predicted long before it came to pass. Decades before Fimbulwinter made life impossible on land for any mammal, humanity engineered various survival plans. Some had taken to fallout shelters deep beneath the ground. Some had even taken to the stars. Ultimately, it was those who had sought refuge in Earth's last thriving ecosystems, those found deep beneath the surface of the oceans, that lived to tell their story and to write of the period in time our historians have called 'The Age of Ragnarok.'
Against all odds, those remaining seafaring pockets of humanity were able to create a utopia for themselves within their magnanimous, submersible ships their creators named Whales. As those New Icelanders travelled the oceans, diving deeper in their submersibles than ever before in order to discover new ecosystems, new resources, and new life, within those Whales, the people of New Iceland never allowed themselves to forget that they formed what was left of humanity on planet Earth. And so, together, they endeavored to preserve the aquatic ecosystems and all of their creatures, knowing far too well that the survival of human kind depended on it. In such a way, what remained of our Terrian ancestors became 'keepers of the seas,' destined to discover what remained of Eath's mysteries in its true, final fronteer.
After three generations living below the ice canopy that covered the Earth, the near-perfect society the seven Whales' creators had designed for those who would be chosen to inhabit them had finally become a reality. However, New Icelanders' underwater utopia would eventually prove to be as fragile as the ecosystems they sought to preserve.
What was meant to be the archaeological dive of the century ended in tragedy. During the site's excavation, a threat unlike any New Icelanders had ever encountered before emerged from the Abyss and quickly placed their entire way of life at risk. If the negative backlash of the dive to Site 2140 would be allowed to continue, the devolution of New Iceland's underwater civilization would be inevitable. Should that possible outcome ever come into being, humanity could then eventually become the newest of the Earth's terrestrial species to become extinct. 

The series follows a survivor of what many have dubbed 'the curse dive to Site 2140.' Defying her medical diagnoses, she will wake from her coma, but to a changing world. With the knowledge she holds of what truly happened during that dive, locked within a vault, hidden deep in the furthest recesses of her mind, she could stop the delicate constructs of her people's oceanic civilization from unraveling disastrously like a freyed tapestry - its threads ceaselessly being pulled by nefarious hands unseen. That being said, only with the help of an unlikely ally will she be able to remember what happened in time to preserve their peaceful way of life under the oceans' icy canopy, and only one New Icelander among the many holds the key that will turn in the lock of our Pandora's Box.