"Monsters and Giants" Second Edition Soon to Arrive!
SEPTEMBER 14th, 2021, Revised SEPTEMBER 22

Eolan Paradis, author of the daring, post-apocalyptic sci-fi series “The Age of Ragnarok,” has decided to launch a new edition of the first book of their series already! Any definitive launch date has yet to exist, however the author was able to confirm that all formats of the novel's second edition will be made available through this website by October 31st of this year. 


Taking their creative license firmly in hand, the independent author decided to create a new page format design for the novel that would remain the same throughout all of its various forms and continuities, including the more color-liberal ebooks.

With book 2 of the “AOR” series having already entered its editing phase, those new changes to the book’s format could not have come at a better time, as they will be replicated in book 2 as well. Had those changes come any later, a second edition of both book 1 and 2 would have been needed for the sake of conformity and continuity which is no small undertaking, especially not for someone so new to the publishing industry as Eolan.  

Originally, different colored images, including certain creative elements of the pages' style, like the graphics surrounding the page numbers, had been incorporated to the digital copy of the novel exclusively. This was mainly the case because in traditional printed novels, color isn't used beyond the cover. The decision to keep all content of one novel the same throughout all of its various formats to be fair to all readers was eventually made. That being said, expect all images and graphics seen in the printed formats of the novel to be livened with a splash of color in all of their digital formats.

The addition of that color might just be another key selling point for the ebooks to some, just as the 2$ donation per ebook sold awarded to Tree Canada was to others. 


Eolan assured that there will be new content in the second edition of "Monsters and Giants." beyond the novel's designs and images. The author reported that there were a few elements that had originally been removed from the novel regarding the true history behind the names of the seven mighty fallout vessels of New Iceland. In the upcoming edition, those elements will have been added as extras after the epilogue to both entertain and inform any willing readers. 

ALTOGETHER, careful thought was put into the planning and execution of the changes made to “Monsters and Giants.” With interest being shown and copy reservations being made already, we at Terrian Publishing have high hopes that it will become a success.  


Patrons of the Terrian Library can expect ebook, hardcover, and paperback editions of “Monsters and Giants” to be available for full purchase again the week of Halloween 2021. To reserve a copy, or to request any other information, please contact our Terrian Library administrators.


Have a wonderful day and stay safe!