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Books For The Earth

What is Books For The Earth?

Books For The Earth is a program created by the owner of The Terrian Library. It allows authors as well as The Terrian Library to help give back to the environment as their novels are being sold. All books shelved in The Terrian Library are part of this program. 

How does the program work?


If you want to sell physical copies of your books through The Terrian Library, we make sure that some of what was taken to create those wonderful works of literature is given back to the Earth in some way. How we accomplish this is as follows.


Instead of taking a merchant fee (also known as a "retailer's discount") of 35% as most bookstores do on average, we only charge 10% and ask that a flat rate minimum of 1$ per every physical copy of an author's work destined to be sold in our shop be donated to an environmental non-profit organization that has partnered with us for the sake of the Books For The Earth program. To which partner that donation will be made is a decision that will be entirely up to the author of the work being sold. Even if the 1$ fee is a flat rate, in most cases, even in addition to the 10% fee, it still wouldn't add up to 35% taken from the author's sales. If it does, we'll modify the price of the book to ensure that our authors get at least 80% of their well-earned royalties.

As for eBooks, we highly encourage our authors to sell digital copies of their work. In doing so, freshwater and woodland resources are preserved. Not to mention, there are no factories producing the materials needed to create the books, so in that respect, both producing and selling eBooks go hand in hand with the company's carbon emission reduction goals. In selling eBook copies of their work, those authors help this business to operate in a way that has little to no negative impact on our environment, and provide their readers with sustainable products to buy and read. 

A further incentive to sell eBooks through The Terrian Library would be that our indie authors get 90% of their well-earned royalties, meaning that the merchant fee, our retailers' commission, is only 10% again. All the while, authors are also given the chance to donate towards a good cause by selling their eBooks, but unlike it is in the case of selling physical works of literature through our shop, making donations towards sustainability and conservation efforts isn't mandatory in the case of eBook sales. 

Come the end of our billing cycle, authors have the choice to have their name included along with the Terrian Library's on the donations certificate or receipt provided by the non-profit organization to which the donations were made. This certificate would be incorporated along with any sales receipt we would provide come payday. 

At the end of the day, whether a physical copy of a work of literature is sold or a digital one, our library, our patrons, and our wonderful indie authors are all helping to sustain our planet in one way or the next, one book at a time. 

Who are our partners? 

Thus far, WWF Canada, Forests Ontario, and Tree Canada are our three local, Canadian partners. In their own way, they all focus on afforestation efforts, regreening efforts, CO2 emission reduction efforts, wildlife conservation and/or sustainability initiatives. We hope that in the near future, we'll have more non-profit environmental organizations partnered with us to appeal to authors and readers that come from different corners of the world. 

Established during 2021, the journey has only just begun.

Why create the program?

The mission of this program is to help give back to the environment what was taken from it to create those works of literature all while doing our part to help sustain our gem of a planet.


The vision for this program is that through the business' partnerships and author/vendor relationships, it can do its part to help sustain the environment that has, since its beginning, sustained our species and all others on our beautiful gem of a planet. All the while, it gives readers the chance to feel good about buying a book beyond being excited about a great new read. 


If you're an indie author and want to become part of our Books For The Earth program, please, feel free to contact us and we'll send you an author's book submission form.  


To all authors who are already part of our Terrian family, hard at work writing and publishing their novels, thank you for being a part of our program and for helping us do our part to sustain and restore our planet's natural environments, one book at a time.


Books For The Earth would not exist without you!

To our readers, thank you for supporting our independent authors and our planet. 

You mean the world to us! 


Shades of White Stone

Let’s work wogether to sustain our planet, one book at a time. 

Thank you for submitting!