Turquoise and blu natural stone texture. Sedimentary rock is unique for every natural comp

DECEMBER 1st, 2021

Every city has its criminals. It’s how those crimes affect the lives of the victims they leave behind and how that city helps those victims that defines its moral calibre.


The novel The Awakening – the prequel is a story of survival, one that follows the life of a loved one of a victim who was subject to a brutal and senseless crime. Like a vein of gold encased in the dark ore of urban fiction, the story of millenial Cait gradually emerges.


With each turn of the page, discover how she transitions from an innocent young, fun loving millennial into a femme fatale with amazing otherworldly powers.


The Awakening – the prequel will leave you attached to some its characters, and hating others. Like an invisible magnet, Cait's journey will draw you in, forcing you to turn page after page.


Luckily for you readers, this novel is just the beginning of an epic journey involving everything from surviving hardships born from tough inner-city living to the magic of shamans. You can follow Cait's journey beyond the prequel ln the ensuing Cait Lennox: Femme Fatale Series.


As the series progresses, you will be amazed at Cait's transition into a ruthless femme fatale as she rights the wrongs done to her friends and family. 

With a few paranormal twists, this novel is sure to appeal to many, even those that aren’t that familiar with the new subgenre of urban fiction.

Turquoise and blu natural stone texture. Sedimentary rock is unique for every natural comp

Poetry Anthology Soon to Arrive! 

SEPTEMBER 14th, 2021

Making its way from Australia to Canada is a parcel containing three copies of “Messages from The Embers.” This anthology of poems was written by various Australian poets and has none other than the 2019-2020 bushfires as its core topic.


Unique as every one of its poems are, together, they paint a thought-provoking picture of how this historical, natural disaster affected not only the Australian wildlife, but the country's people as well. Most importantly, the message it delivers is one that can be appreciated by all who live in areas that are beginning to be more affected by severe climate change. That message is one of hope. 


To reserve a copy, please email out Terrian Library administrator at admin@terrianpublishing.ca for further details on how to snag one before they’re gone. 

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