Our Services Beyond the Books

Cover Design

- We do not create graphic designs -


However, we do transform them into beautiful book covers. Here at The Terrian Library, we can incorporate any graphic image you'll provide us with into a book cover. Included in the price are the designs of the back, the spine, and the front of the cover. 

Certain information such as author name and book title will be required to complete this work. An information sheet listing all of those requirements will be given to you upon request - no purchase of the service necessary.

Three (3) book cover designs will be created based on the information provided. From them, you'll be able to choose one design. After the selection is made, the final editions to the cover (ex. changes to color and font) will be finished.

If you're interested in this service, have any questions regarding it, or would like to get a quote, please contact us

Public Exposure

Retweets are never guaranteed and many pages only let you post your ads for free once a week or once a month.


For a small fee, The Terrian Library will Tweet about your novel and post ads on its Facebook pages for a designated length of time to help your work get the basic exposure it needs

Price example: 7 tweets and 1 Facebook page ad (not an official FB ad) on 10 different pages per week = 20$ CA


A photo of your work's cover (back and front), as well as a brief description of how you'd like to advertise your book, will be required.  

We offer this service free of charge to all authors who choose to sell their work in our Terrian Library. 


If you're interested in this service, have any questions regarding it, or would like to get a quote, please contact us

Text Formatting 

From PDF to print-ready documents, EPUB files, and other.

- This service is not available for all forms of literary works! - 


A text in this case includes everything from a cookbook to a novel. Formatting involves transforming your Word document into a version of it that's ready for print. There's much more to it than most know. Everything from font style to margins will affect how many pages your novel will have. In this respect, a 200-page word document can easily become a 500-page novel. 

Information such as the dimensions of the book you want to print and by which printing company will be required to get this job done properly and efficiently. The time your project will take to accomplish will vary on your document's size and formatting. This service does not include proofreading or editing, which means that the content you send us must be your polished copy.


Prices will vary depending on what type of work is being formatted and how many pages are being formatted. If you're interested in this service, have any questions regarding it, or would like to get a quote, please contact us

Book Reviews

As mentioned in the name of this service, someone from The Terrian Library will read your material and give you their official review of it. 

The review will be given to you in the form of an electronic document stating the title of the work read, when it was read, and by who from The Terrian Library it was reviewed. After the review is complete, we will add it to our Terrian Reviews page as announce it on our Terrian News page. 

No glowing reviews are guaranteed, but we are not in the business of demeaning people's work. At worst, the reviewer will give you constructive criticism that can help you improve on certain aspects of your work. 

To inquire about the price, please contact us

Add your book to our virtual shelves!

To add your work of non-fiction or fiction literature to our Terrian Library, certain criteria must be met. An information sheet concerning this service will be provided if and when you request it. 

This service allows you to sell your work of literature in our Terrian Library. In doing so, you take part in our Books For The Earth program

This program involves The Terrian Library's authors as well as the shop's partners. A minimum of 1$ of each physical copy of a work of literature sold in The Terrian Library will be donated to a non-profit, environmental organization - The Terrian Library's partners - of the author's choice. 

Just like any other bookstore, a fee must be paid to have your book(s) shelved in our store. That being said, that fee is considerably small compared to what other bookstores will ask of you. This ensures that you, as an author, can make a profit while you help sustain our planet through our Books For The Earth program. 

In summary, if you chose to sell your work(s) of literature by our Terrian Library:

1. You will receive 90% of all royalties collected from each of your eBook sales made in The Terrian Library.

2. You will receive 90% of all royalties collected from each physical copy of your work sold by The Terrian Library, minus (-) the 1$ minimum agreed upon that will be donated to a certified non-profit environmental organization of your choice. 

3. You will receive free advertising of the book(s) you choose to sell by The Terrian Library through our social media channels.

4. You will be offered exclusive deals on promotional campaigns and material that will help you increase your sales.  

5. You will be helping us accomplish our mission to help sustain our planet with every book sold, and get proof of your efforts by receiving a receipt from our partners stating that you, by selling your books through The Terrian Library, have helped their organization accomplish their sustainability, conservations, and/or other environmental preservation goals.