A Lesson in History - Prequel to the Age of Ragnarok Series

Canadian Literature

By Eolan Paradis


Genre(s): post-apocalyptic sci-fi, historical fiction



school, Norse mythology, world history, scientific innovations, climate change, aquanautic technology, marine biology, ecology, survival, friends, family, peaceful perseverence



Set in a distant future during the first ice age in recorded history, a post-secondary studies professor begins her introductory course of New Icelandic History. 


Learn with her students what cataclysms marked the end of the Common Era, and how pockets of humanity came to survive the worst that Climate Change had to offer them deep beneath the ocean's icy surface among the creatures of the oceans' deep. 


This is the prequel to The Age of Ragnarok series. It comes included in the edition of Monsters and Giants currently available through us either via the author's main page, or The Terrian Library.


ADVISORY: some subjects addressed such as issues concerning climate change or any related post-apocalyptic material might not be suitable for all audiences. That being said, this very fictional, historical sory, presented through the scope of environmental sciences as it is, contains no violence, corse language or sex scenes which might make it suitable for Teen readers.

Reader's discretion is advised.



A Lesson in History - Prequel to the Age of Ragnarok Series