Messages from the Embers: From Devastation to Hope

Australian Literature 

By various poets 


Format: paperback


Audience: Everyone


To WWF Canada 3$/ book sold will be donated by the Library in order to help them make a difference across the world! Did you know that WWF Canada plays a hand in helping areas such as Australia when natural disasters strike and wildlife are in need of great help? 


Synopsis: A poetry anthology about the Australian bushfires:

Messages from the Embers brings together 118 poetic voices and vision into 138 poems that detail and articulate the devastating 2019-2020 bushfire crisis. While some writers address the broad political and social scope of the catastrophe, others take a microscope to the localized and domestic effects during a time when the fragility of every structure and living creature was magnified. Beginning with the origins of fire, to the burning to the ashen aftermath, this anthology is courageous in its expression and acknowledgement of the multilayered loss felt by so many. Within several of these poems is a resilient undercurrent of hopefulness, and a will to emerge from damage and drive a more perceptive way forward. 



climate change, ecological, sustainability, bushfires, Australia, poetry, anthology


Messages from the Embers: From Devastation to Hope