The Awakening - Second Edition - PDF

Australian Literature 

By Roderick Donald


Format: PDF


Audience: YA - A


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Synopsis: This book is the stand-alone prequel to the Cait Lennox femme fatale series.

A senseless bashing; a life destroyed. But why has such an obscure occurrence touched so many lives?


When twenty-three-year-old Cait’s lover is randomly murdered, this violent assault has far-reaching effects on Cait, her baby boomer parents, their close friends and business acquaintances, plus their millennial children. In her darkest moments Cait’s shamanic mother introduces her daughter to the Otherworld. Cait’s ancient Druidic bloodline starts whispering to her, bestowing amazing paranormal powers of insight and perception—the power of The Gift. But will Cait accept this strange multi-dimensional world, or is it just New Age mumbo-jumbo?



contemporary, urban fiction, fantasy, paranormal, dark, city, personal growth, shamanism, friends, family, life changes

The Awakening - Second Edition - PDF