We're proud to announce that a new section has been added to our Terrian Library! 

Recently, a few fantasy authors from here and there around the globe have shown interest in our new, green indie bookshop! Because of them, we were permitted to expand our Terrian Library and add its 'World Fantasy' section.

Why choose to call it 'World Fantasy'?

For two reasons. The first  - because our brilliant fantasy authors come from different countries around the world, and the second - because each one of them has created a new, fantastic world for you to discover at every turn of the page.

To view their new additions to our collection along with any and all information on the authors and their work, clink on the images of their novel. Once in the Terrian Library, then click on their novels to access their information box.

Have a good read and stay safe!  


When the World Falls Down ebook cover.jpg
KW 1 Unearthed girlback.jpg

Our fantasy section has arrived!
AUGUST 4th, 2021